‘A Journey In Print’ by Drew Abernethy and Peter Yearworth

Drew and Peter exhibition poster

‘A Journey in Print’ : A print exhibition by Drew Abernethy and Peter Yearworth

Drew Abernethy has been drawing and painting since he was a child. He is a self taught artist.

He didn’t go to University to study until he was 36, when he went to study at Aberdeen at Gray’s School of Art. Drew was there for two years and then transferred to Duncan of Jordanstone (DoJ) in Dundee in 1988 to finish his degree in Fine Art and Printmaking. This was also when he met Peter.

Before settling down to University life Drew worked all across Europe doing various jobs. He also used to play a lot of football too for teams in the various towns and countries that he resided in. A great way of getting to know the world he said. Drew has also worked as a lecturer.

Drew graduated in 1990 (with Peter) with his BA honours degree. He added that this was the first year that students could graduate from DoJ with a degree and not just a diploma due to the Art School merging with the University of Dundee.

Drew Abernethy 2

A few years back Drew did a series of drawings from around the Lochee area of Dundee. He then turned those drawings into lithographic prints, which have now found new homes all around the world! People bought them who had moved away from the local area to remind them of home and Drew has had many nice cards and notes from them saying how much they love them.

The work that Drew is exhibiting this month at Freedom is retrospective and spans a few decades of work.

He explained that he has never had an exhibition before, so this will be his first one. “We don’t usually show our work” he said.

One of Drew’s silk screen prints that will be part of the show is all about his daughter. Using photographs right from her birth and through her early years as she grew up.

“I like colour, even though a lot of my work is in black and white. I can feel emotion from colour and feel different physically too when I use colour.”

I asked Drew what his favourite process was, to which he replied that he was torn between mono printing and painting. “I love the colours when I’m painting and I go into another zone when I’m working”. When Drew is painting he likes to use oils, acrylics and watercolours.

Drew’s artist inspirations are: Richard Dadd, Turner and Rembrant.

Irving asked Drew the same thee questions as he does with everyone: What is Creativity? How do you use it? Describe creativity in three words? Drew said that he would get back to me on these!

Drew said that he has known Irving (Freedom Hair Experience) since the early 70s.

Drew isn’t going to leave a price list with his work in the exhibition but instead is open to people making offers he can’t refuse. The money he makes from his work shall be going towards CHAS Children’s Hospice.

Drew Abernethy

I interviewed Peter Yearworth for this exhibition too. Here is what he said:

“The work selected for this exhibition was produced over an extended period of time where different aims were prevalent.

Personal relationships and family are the main source of my work, which I realise in one print process or another, etching being my favourite. I like using the unpredictability of acid to add unexpected nuances or feelings to the work.

I’ve been part of a number of joint exhibitions In the past, most recently the Darcy Thompson Print folio, that was exhibited in Dundee last year as part of the “Impact” printmaking conference. Generally though, I don’t exhibit that much, as my job as a print technician means that I’m working on other peoples images and my work takes a back seat.

I went to art college after I left school and have always enjoyed drawing, whether it was on a printing plate or on paper. My favourite artists are mostly American printmakers such as Peter Milton and Michael Mazur, their work encourages me to keep pushing my boundaries and to try something new, not to keep doing what I already know.

Hidden Qualities, Pete Yearworth

My most challenging, exiting and also the biggest pieces of work I have created were done as a graduate student at L.S.U (Louisiana State University). They included a mono print, 6m x 2m and  a woodcut done in 4 sections, 4m x 1.5m. My favourite piece of work is usually the one I’m currently working on. Outside of art I play various sports in the local leagues and read.

Irving’s questions… (What is Creativity? How do you use it? Describe creativity in three words?)

1. A need to engage with my chosen materials to say something I can’t say adequately verbally.

2. To cope with situations in my life and to find out more about what I truly think and feel.

3. Enjoyment, enlightenment and discovery.”

Climate Change, Pete Yearworth

It has been great getting to know Drew and Peter, they are two very talented, inspiring and interesting artists. The exhibition is set to look absolutely fantastic with the opening night on Friday 7th November at Freedom Hair Experience, 17 Dock Street, Dundee (7-9pm). Do come along!

You can contact Freedom Hair Experience on www.freedom-hairdressing.com Tel: 01382 225393, Drew on 07939 820924 and Peter on 07757729635.

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