Unveiling, an Art Exhibition by Emma L Pawley

Unveiling, an Art Exhibition by Emma L Pawley

17th October – 16th November (Opening night 21st October 7-9pm)

at Freedom Hairdressing, 17 Dock Street, Downtown Dundee


Hi, I’m Emma L Pawley and this will be my first art exhibition in Dundee….

An exhibition delving below the skin, to the bone. Namely, the skull. Showing the beauty of what lies beneath. Animals are stripped back in a voyage of unveiling.

The opening evening will be Friday 21st October, free entry, wine, and the chance to pick my brain…


Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m an artist based in Dundee. I started my art career in Kirriemuir where I wrote a short graphic novel based on a zombie cat called Zombie Pussy. This started the path down an alternative macabre route and began my quest into the contrast between light and dark.


Is this your first exhibition?

I had a solo exhibition at Bank Street Gallery in Kirriemuir in 2014. It was a collection of pieces I had created over a period of two years, mostly focusing on the character Zombie Pussy. It went down really well, with lots of visitors. I have also been a part of other group exhibitions including the Turnip Prize in Kirriemuir (2016) and the WhimBots exhibition in Dundee (2013). I also regularly exhibit at markets and art fairs throughout the country.


Have you always created?

Yes. Always!        

What is your favourite piece that you have created and why have you chosen it?

It’s hard to choose a single favourite but it would have to be the Zombie Pussy book, which was printed in 2011. I have chosen it as it was a cathartic experience, of which the end result is something that I am incredibly proud of.


What has been your most challenging piece?

One of my most challenging pieces was an album artwork for the band Maxwell’s Dead. There were a lot of different designs needed and the band had a clear idea of what they wanted so interpreting it in my style was incredibly hard. When two creative minds come together sometimes it can be hard to meet in the middle but we got there and it was a success.


What inspires you?

Music and the darkness in life – shadows, the way light and dark react with each other and the images they create. People and movies. Animals and nature. The textures in things intrigue me and other people’s artwork inspire me too.

Do you have favourite artists/ art heroes?

I have always liked Salvador Dali just for his weirdness. It was my mum that got me into him, she showed me some of his paintings when I was about six years old. Tim Burton, obviously, is a top inspiration for me because he has a similar outlook and comedic style to his work as I do. The musician Wednesday 13 is a great inspiration to me too. If I’m ever feeling uninspired I just need to put his music on and I will start drawing without fail.

What are your favourite materials/ tools/ equipment?

Ink or pencil but ink is my favourite!


Is your art your fulltime job? What do you do outside of your art?

Yes my art is my full time job and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. It’s the only thing that I have time for in my life. Outside of my art I enjoy going to gigs and going on tour. I love socialising, being around other creative people and exploring the world at the same time.


Irving’s has three questions that he asks every artist…

What is creativity?

The overwhelming urge to produce something that has manifested itself in your mind.

How do you use it?

It saves me. It’s like therapy so when times are rough the art will be there to help me through it.

Describe in 3 words:

Freedom, beauty, rebellion


Where can we find out more about you and your work?

Facebook: Zombie Pussy and Emma L Pawley

Twitter: @zombie_pussy

Website: www.zombiepussy.co.uk

Shop: www.zombiepussy.bigcartel.com


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